Tinder Review

A Game Changer in Online Dating

Tinder is an online dating app that started in 2012. When it first came out, it was often used as a hookup app. Today, it’s considered one of the most popular dating apps and sites for meeting new people. About 50 million people from 196 countries use Tinder, and 10 million of them are daily active users. As of January 2018, about 20 million matches have been made by Tinder.

Behind the Magic of Tinder

Tinder uses Facebook to build a profile of the user with a photo they’ve already uploaded. It analyzes and gathers information from users’ Facebook accounts and social graphs. It then matches users based on their geographical locations, shared interests, number of mutual friends. People who are interested in using Tinder can’t join if they don’t have a Facebook account.

Tinder Features


Tinder is one of the first apps to use the “swinging” feature. The app’s algorithm finds compatible matches for the user. The user then has the option to swipe right or left. Swiping right means that the user “likes” the potential match while swiping left would let them continue looking at other matches.

Instagram Integration

This integration lets the user access other user’s Instagram profiles.

Common Connections

This feature allows the user to see if they have mutual Facebook friends with a match. It can also show if they have separate friends who are friends with each other.

Tinder Plus

Availing Tinder Plus removes ads, and users can ‘rewind’ on matches they’ve last swiped left on. It also includes unlimited likes, five ‘super likes’ daily, and a free ‘boost’ each month. It gives a user a passport to swipe around the world.

Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold is one of the newest features of Tinder. It was introduced globally in August 2017. It has all the same features as Tinder Plus, but it has an added feature. It lets the user see who liked them before swiping. Users who already have Tinder Plus would only need to add about $5 a month to upgrade to Tinder Gold.

Tinder Boost

The Tinder Boost is a feature that enables the user’s profile to be seen a lot more than usual for 30 minutes. It sends the user’s profile near the top of potential matches’ swiping queue. Tinder claims that using this feature can get a user up to 10x more matches.

Tinder Online

Tinder has just recently launched a web version. Users can now access Tinder on their computers (PC or Mac) without the need of downloading the app. Tinder Online’s design is relatively the same. The only difference is that the desktop version is optimized for messaging. Users can view their matches’ profiles while chatting.

Tinder just announced this year that they’re working on new features such as Feed, Loops, Places, and Message First. They haven’t given any details about the said features. But, the announcement has surely excited many Tinder users and it’s expected that there’ll be many new users registering after the release.

Pros and Cons of Using Tinder


  • A quality that sets Tinder apart from other dating sites and apps is that it’s instant. Users don’t need to view profiles for hours on end just to find someone to connect with.
  • The mutual friends feature lets people come with references. Having more common friends is definitely a great advantage. It can also show users if they’re in the same social circle with their matches.
  • Tinder’s design and layout is clear and user-friendly. It’s simple to use which sets it apart from other dating apps and sites.
  • Users will not get embarrassed if the matches they liked don’t like them back.
  • The location based system allows users to meet people near them. This makes users meet in person as soon as possible.
  • Tinder won’t send unsolicited and annoying emails. On many dating sites. Users will only be notified if the people they ‘liked’ also ‘liked’ them back.


  • Most men who are on Tinder rarely start up a conversation once they’ve found their matches. This leaves many users with lots of matches and nothing else.
  • Tinder started as an app where men looked for hookups and not long-term love. Sadly, it still continued to be casual sex-focused. It’ll be difficult to look for serious matches that are ready to commit to a long-term relationship.
  • Tinder Plus pricing can be quite annoying. Anybody can get it for just $9.99 a month, except for users over the age of 30. Users ages 30 and up have to pay $19.99 a month.
  • It can be addictive to swipe through countless matches. A user can also lose focus on finding someone serious.
  • With new updates every so often, Tinder is more and more becoming appearance-based. Since users can see photos of matches first, they would tend to just swipe left without even looking at their profile.
  • Con artists have found ways to use Tinder for scams. One scam involves unknown users being messaged by matches. These what seem like perfect matches will then ask users if they’re verified on Tinder. They then make up a story that will let users click on a link and enter a code. The made-up verification service is actually a porn site that will charge users £90 after entering their credit card and personal information.

Final Verdict on Tinder

Finding love nowadays is easier and faster. There are numerous dating sites and apps that spring up one after another. Among all of them, Tinder stands out in many ways. It could have some drawbacks, but its developers continuously come up with new features.

Tinder is free to download and use, but there are some available upgrades that requires money. The big question is, “Is Tinder worth paying for?” Upgrading will definitely give anyone more ‘play’ on Tinder. Upgrading to Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus will give anyone an edge and more choices. For users who would like more ‘action’ or would like more preferences on Tinder, upgrading is the way to go. It doesn’t matter if someone decides on to use Tinder to have fun and use it for free or to find true love using upgraded features; it really is worth trying.

Tinder is a user-friendly and innovative dating site offering various features to help users find their perfect match. From its easy-to-use profile creation options to its unique swiping feature, Tinder has proven to be a popular choice for young adults looking for love. While it may have its downsides, such as the potential for miscommunication, Tinder's overall user experience makes it a standout in online dating. So, why not try Tinder and see if you can spark a new connection?