Omegle Review

  • Website can be used as a chat platform completely for free
  • Chat with like-minded individuals by entering your interests
  • This site is extremely popular. More than 10,000 people are currently online
  • It is multilingual and helps connect people from different regions
  • No need to create a profile account
  • A stranger-to-stranger chat platform
  • No protection for children and many phony profiles on the chat platform

Anonymously Chatting with Strangers on Omegle: Yay or Nay?

Admit it, people need human interaction. Even introverts would sometimes feel lonely and would need quick conversations with other people once in a while. This is why social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram are extremely popular. But, it could take so much time and effort just by setting up and registering to these sites. This is why many people go for an easier route to socialize.

Tons of random chat websites are continuing to spring up on the World Wide Web. Omegle is one of them. It’s a free chat site where a user can socialize without needing to register or set up a profile. Just open the site and start chatting with random strangers.

How Does Omegle Work?

Omegle pairs users randomly in one-on-one chat rooms. Instead of the users’ real name, the names “You” and “Stranger” are used. There are optional features that let users trim down the random strangers they can chat with.

Users can also have the option to click “Stop” when they’re done chatting, or when they are no longer interested in chatting with the stranger. The “Stop” button will change to “Really?” Clicking on “Really?” will disconnect the user from the chat session. The button will then turn blue, and it’ll read “New”. Clicking on this will pair the user with another stranger and will start a new chat session.

Omegle Features


It is a basic feature that helps users filter the strangers they can chat with. It ensures the users that they have something in common with the stranger they’ll get paired with. Users may input as many tags as they want. Users’ Facebook likes can also be used instead of inputting interests manually.

Spy Question Mode

This feature has two options available. Users can choose to be the “spy” who can ask all kinds of questions to strangers. The “spy” won’t be able to join in the conversation and can only watch “Stranger 1” and “Stranger 2” chatting. Another option for this is the users can answer and discuss other questions with strangers.

Text Chat and Video Chat

Users can choose between text chat and video chat options. “Text” lets users chat through text only, while “Video” will allow users to view who they’re conversing with. They also have the option to enable or disable their microphones.

Omegle 18+

Omegle has started monitoring and moderating since many have been trying to abuse it. Omegle 18+ is the unmoderated, adult section of the site for users that are 18 years old and above. Users can chat with strangers about adult and obscene topics without the risk of getting banned. Video chat is the only option when using this feature.

Dorm Chat

Users with .edu email addresses can only access this feature. It’s to ensure that they’re a part of a college or a university. It allows users to chat with their classmates or colleagues in school.

Omegle doesn’t have an app version. But, it can still be used using mobile browsers, so there’s no need to download any other app.

Pros and Cons of Using Omegle


  • It’s easy and quick to use. There are no elaborate commands or instructions to start using Omegle.
  • There is no need to register. Users need to open the website on an updated browser, and they start chatting immediately.
  • The site gives users the option to stay anonymous. It can save them the embarrassment in some moments when a chat session doesn’t go well.
  • When users feel uncomfortable with who they are chatting with, they can disconnect from the chat session without any drawbacks or penalties.
  • It excites many adult users to meet new people. Since the pairing is random, users will never know who they will meet next.
  • Omegle is available in different languages. Anyone can use the service even without learning English.


  • Omegle is not the best site if users are looking for serious dates. It doesn’t give the users any information about the strangers they’re paired with.
  • There’s no special filter to only chat with a preferred gender.
  • The site has become home to fake users, scammers, and bots. They would send links to other websites, usually with explicit content like porn sites.
  • Users are reminded not to share any personal information because this can endanger them. Strangers can misuse the information for illegal activities, or they can use it to identify the users.
  • Sadly, predators lurk around Omegle looking for innocent and naïve users, which are usually unsuspecting minors. Users could encounter strangers who would send sexually explicit chats.
  • Since Omegle allows users to be anonymous, cyberbullying increases. Some strangers would directly insult users just for the fun of it.

Final Verdict on Omegle

Leif K-Brooks was 18 years old when he founded Omegle. It was once a friendly site where teens and adults can make new friends. Unfortunately, it has become a way for sexual predators and other malicious people to prey on minors.

There have been countless of frightening stories of teenagers who have seen and received sexually explicit chats from pedophiles and sexual fiends. It also became a way for advertisers to use bots to promote sites that are usually porn sites.

Parents have been concerned with their teens below 18, and they usually find out that their kids are on Omegle after the damage has been done. Their kids would sometimes come running to them crying and telling them of how adult men would ask them to do indecent acts. Still, other teens continue to use Omegle without their parents’ knowledge. Who could blame them and their raging hormones?

Adults may describe Omegle as a fun way of killing time. Despite the unsavory advances of some strangers, some users still find it amusing. Liberal adults usually have a “fun time” in the unmoderated part of the site.

The chances of finding a romantic partner on Omegle are slim. It may take some time searching through thousands of strangers just fooling around. But with perseverance, anything is possible.