MeetMe Review

Innovative dating site brings people from all walks of life and provides a fun and interactive way to connect. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, MeetMe is a must-try for those seeking love or friendship.

Pros and Cons

Top Highlights

  1. Wide User Base: MeetMe boasts a massive user base, increasing your chances of finding like-minded individuals.
  2. Interactive Features: Engage with other members through games, quizzes, and live streams for a more interactive dating experience.
  3. Location-Based Matching: Find matches near your location, ensuring convenient and accessible connections.
  4. Advanced Search Filters: Narrow down your search results based on age, interests, relationship status, and more, allowing you to find your ideal match quickly.
  5. Real-Time Messaging: Communicate with other users through instant messaging, fostering deeper connections and faster replies.
  6. Photo Verification: Ensure the authenticity of user profiles with photo verification, reducing the chances of encountering fake accounts.
  7. Free Membership Option: Enjoy basic features and connect with other members without subscription fees.

Top Pros

  1. Wide user base with diverse backgrounds and interests.
  2. Interactive games, quizzes, and live streams for increased engagement.
  3. Location-based matching for convenient and accessible connections.
  4. Advanced search filters to find your ideal match quickly.
  5. Real-time messaging for quicker and deeper connections.
  6. Photo verification feature to reduce the chances of encountering fake accounts.
  7. Free membership option for those who want to enjoy basic features without subscription fees.

Top Cons

  1. Some users may not be looking for serious relationships.
  2. Premium features require a subscription fee for full access.
  3. Limited customer support options.
  4. Advertisements and sponsored content can be intrusive.
  5. Not all profiles may be genuine or verified.
  6. Privacy concerns with the amount of personal information required.
  7. Some users may experience technical difficulties or glitches with the platform.


MeetMe is free to use. You can use Lunch Money to access more features. The site’s premium services can help you meet more people a lot faster by improving your visibility and popularity. MeetMe’s Match Spotlight can increase your Secret Admirers by making your profile a priority when looking for matches. Everyone can also see your Live Feed posts. This is a great conversation starter. You can complete surveys or play games to earn Lunch Money. MeetMe’s payment methods include PayPal, credit card, money order, check or cash and Target card.

Search Options

One of the best things about MeetMe is that it has different search tools. Basic Search allows you to search by name and email. The site’s advanced search tool allows you to look for people by age, gender, favorites, sexual orientation, location, photos, background and lifestyle, relationship status.

You can also filter your Friends List and search by Friend Requests, My Friends and Mass Sender. The site’s Match feature allows you to browse photos and secretly admire another member. You can refine your search by choosing a specific location, age range, relationship status and gender. The site allows you to look for users near you. You can see who is online and look for a match from this list. There are three options for viewing Live Feed – Everyone, Near Me and Friends. You can filter Live Feed by location, age range and gender.

Free Membership Inclusions

A free membership allows you to make a dating profile. You only need to provide your first and last name, password, email, postal code, birthday and gender. MeetMe allows you to upload a profile picture from your computer or take a photo using your webcam. You can get $1,000 Lunch Money credits when you add a profile picture.

Set your status by completing a form. You can choose an emotion from the dropdown menu and specify your relationship status. There’s an About Me section that you can complete to attract other members and help them get to know you. You can state your favorite books, quotes, movies, activities and music, what you are thinking about, what you are looking forward to and what you are looking for. Aside from this, you can also state your ideal match or what you can’t live without. You have to use your Facebook account to verify your profile. To do this, you need to have at least fifty Facebook friends.

You can see how many gold stars you got from other members and how many times your profile was viewed. MeetMe allows you to share your profile link on Twitter or Facebook.


MeetMe’s features are not optimized for dating as the site is more focused on promoting social interaction between its users. It allows members to socialize while playing a wide range of Flash-based games such as arcade, crosswords, air hockey and casino.

Mobile App

MeetMe can be accessed on computers and mobile devices. You only need to download and install the mobile app to start using it. There’s a mobile app version for iOS and Android devices.

Bottom Line

MeetMe is a good social interaction site. You can connect it to your Facebook profile, so you can interact with many people across different channels. MeetMe is free to use, so you don’t need to spend anything. You can use Lunch Money to unlock more features and options.

There are also a lot of games that you can play when you are bored. You can receive and send questions to learn more about the members you are interested in. There’s also a one-to-many live video feature that allows members to broadcast themselves, chat in real time and watch other members’ broadcasts.

Since MeetMe is not a dating site, don’t expect it to provide the same features as online dating websites. However, MeetMe’s social interaction aspect could be appealing for those who are simply looking for friends. There are better websites online if you’re looking for a date or romantic partner. The decision is yours to make.