Match Review

  • Lower subscription fee than some sites
  • Excellent search options
  • Diverse pool of members
  • Only paying members can send and reply to emails

One of the most interesting dating sites today is This website serves over 30 countries and has over 8 languages used in all continents. Every year, millions of men and women find their soul mate in this site and this wonderful dating site has pioneered a whole industry of dating sites. The site started in 1996 in Dallas, Texas. Since then, the company had set up several offices in places as varied as San Francisco, Hollywood, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. continues to change the face of the dating scene by offering its members with the chance to look for true love and in improving the dating game. Singles who simply want to look for a date or those who are looking for long term relationships will surely enjoy this site. Over 500,000 members and counting have found their significant other through the use of its pages.

Various Features has a number of useful features for its members. Like typical social dating sites, this site provides the best of dating by providing users with the chance of looking for someone special through photos and ads. Users can add as many pictures of themselves as they want in order to improve their chances in the dating world. Hundreds of thousands of users are online daily and most of them have provided several pictures along with some fetching personal ads in order for others to notice them.

Users will surely enjoy the singles community of this site since it has over a thousand members. It is a world where users can meet singles, look for dates, relationships and any types of partner. The site hosts a number of groups including the young and the old, the straight, homosexual, bisexual and those who simply want to have fun. Users will be able to easily browse through the site since offers a free search engine.

The search engine is an excellent filtering tool for those who want to find a specific sex or age group. First, users are required to create a profile and to write everything about themselves along with what they want for a potential lover or relationship partner. Once the user creates a free profile, he can then post some pictures or simply send out messages to other users through the search feature. He can also send out virtual taps, or winks, for free. Winks are virtual gestures that can literally break the ice if someone wants to get a member’s attention.

Easy login feature

One of the best features of the site is that it offers easy login and easy search capabilities. First time visitors will be able to search for their potential mates once they have entered the site. Upon entering, a form is presented showing a series of questions that the user needs to answer. Some of the questions include the age, the sex, the country, region and dating preference of the user. Once the user selects the details, he will be redirected to another page where there will be a presentation of suitable candidates along with a registration form.

Users will only need to type in their email and several other details for their account. They will then need to click the authentication button which will be sent to their email and then they will be required to put something on their profile.

Free online dating connection

Of course, is absolutely free and becoming a member is easy. Members are provided with the ability to send winks, post photos and change their account for free. The site also guarantees that users will be able to freely find their special someone for six months.

Once the user finds her special someone by checking their photos, they can now subscribe. Users are given the option of browsing photos, sending unlimited number of emails and view other member’s pages with a subscription.

Pros has a very practical scheme with a lot of added features and tweaks for users. The site has a very suave layout and has easy to search controls along with several advice columns and newsletters for those who want to know more about love. There are some unique features about the site that users will surely enjoy.

One of the major features of the website is that it has MatchWords, a search engine program that allows users to define a number of words that other users tend to search. Users will get a list of some of the most popular words from the site. Along with the MatchWords, users can utilize Match Platinum, a personalized matchmaker tool which is available for users who want to weed out those who have what it takes.

All the features, along with the added controls of the site are absolutely free. If there will be any problems with the relationship, has a unique feature called the MindFindBind. This feature is offered by Dr. Phil and it is for those who are looking for assistance in getting through the perils of online dating. Dr. Phil offers an exclusive program that will help users walk through the dating scene and aids to answer the dating scene’s most complex questions such as how to find the perfect someone or how to be bound in a relationship for a long time.


One of the downsides in is that it does not offer any instant messaging features. Users are also not allowed to look for someone else’s page without paying the next month’s fee. This means that users are provided with the chance to use the site for free for the first month but after that, users are required to pay the monthly fee. Users can use the free profile, yet they will not be able to use all the features without being a full fledged member. Users are also required to read the term of use fully in order to know how much the membership cost is.


All in all, is simply an excellent site for those who are looking for love. It can be quite expensive but it does have the charm to help those who really want to find their perfect mate. The site offers the best features and a list of a thousand members who are all single and are looking for a date.