JDate Review

The Jewish community has been constantly growing throughout the world. With this in mind, jdate.com was established to provide the single members of the Jewish community a way to interact with each other regardless of their location. The site’s primary goal is to strengthen the traditions of the Jewish community by ensuring that these would still be practiced by future generations of Jewish children. And this is done by matching not only Jewish men and women with each other, but also by providing long-term partners for the gay and lesbian members of the community.

Signing up for this website is easy and can be done with just a few steps. What is good about it is that even during the initial sign-up, the process of looking for matches to the new member’s profile already begins. An interested single Jewish man or woman only has to fill-out the form that typically asks for relevant information, such as:

  • Their location by zip code
  • What they are looking for (men who are looking for women, and vice versa)
  • The current status of their relationships (married, widowed, single, divorced)

Even their stand on smoking and other beliefs are also verified in order for jdate.com to make sure that they are matched with the right people who would meet their needs.

In its decade-long attempt to strengthen the bonds of the Jewish community, jdate.com has successfully matched a lot of couples who are still together as of this very moment. Although majority of the members live in major metropolitan areas like New York and Los Angeles, there are also a number of members who are located in the country. Jdate.com not only caters to single Jewish people who are actively practicing the Jewish traditions, it also encourages non-practicing Jews to join. Some members are practicing the different Jewish sects such as Ashkenazi, Hassidic, and even Modern Orthodox. This is a proof of jdate.com’s willingness to serve every single member of the Jewish community.

Features that jdate.com Provides for its Members

Membership in any website, whether it is paid for or free of charge, is undertaken not only because it gives the member the possibility of meeting people who share his interests. It is also done because of all the features that the site provides for its members. Some of the most-celebrated features of jdate.com are the following:

  • The ability to send ‘flirts’ to other members.
  • The chance to interact more intimately through private chatting or choose to interact with the rest of the community on jdate.com’s internal forum.
  • An updated listing of events that are happening in Jewish communities all over
  • Rabbis at hand to give sound advice to dating couples and single members alike
  • The chance for members to participate in TV show
  • The availability of electronic cards that can be forwarded to fellow members who are celebrating their birthdays and other important events

Jdate.com has so many other features that members can enjoy at any time during their membership. However, the features listed above are the ones that members take advantage of more often than others.

The Advantages that JDate has over the Competition

Given all its features, the enormous number of single men and women who have joined the site comes as no surprise. Not to mention the availability of more features for paying members that are not offered to members with free profiles. Some of these features include:

  • The member is given the option to have his profile highlighted so that it would appear in every list of search results whenever other members are doing a search. This increase in the premium paying member’s visibility gives him more options to choose from.
  • Members who are paying the monthly premium also have the ability to put their profiles in a spotlight that would be visible to other members whom they have chosen.

Jdate.com also provides more flexibility when it comes to membership terms. The site does not hold a member up for 6 non-stop months or just one short month. Single Jewish men and women are actually given the option to choose between these membership types:

  • One month membership at approximately $1.3 daily or $39.99 for the whole month.
  • Three-month membership at around $1 daily or $89.97 for the entire 3 months.
  • The full six-month membership at only $0.66 daily or $119.94 that covers the entire 6 months.

Apparently, enjoying the site’s features costs less when done within a span of half a year.

The Cons of JDate Membership

A major disadvantage of jdate.com is that it does not have a feature that automatically rejects membership requests from non-Jewish people. This means that anyone with the right knowledge in creating a jdate.com profile can just do so anytime they wish to. Although the free membership option does allow non-Jewish people to sign up and create profiles that have limited access to features, but what if a Jewish-non Jewish couple end up getting married? This actually beats the site’s purpose of propagating Jewish tradition. But this should not be much of an issue for people who only aim to widen their network of friends and associates through jdate.com

Why choose JDate dating site?

Aside from the fact that becoming a member of jdate.com’s vast online community gives people the chance to enjoy the site’s numerous features, another thing that encourages people to sign up with the site is the fact that payment can be made using 3 different payment options. These options are:

  • Through any of the major credit cards
  • Through check
  • Through Money-order

The third option, paying via money order, is something that not a lot of online dating sites have available. This is why jdate.com now counts its membership roster not just in hundreds but in thousands of members worldwide. Another thing that makes jdate.com such a great choice is the fact that it has a toll-free customer service hotline that is open 24/7 to answer members’ queries and address their issues.