Christian Mingle Review

  • Dating website for religious singles
  • More than 9 million registered users worldwide
  • A rigorous verification system ensures that all users are legitimate


  • It has millions of registered users so it offers immense opportunity for long-lasting relationships.
  • The website has user-friendly profile set-up and it is easy to browse through from one webpage to the next.
  • They have a dedicated site for worship.
  • The site can be easily accessed through smartphones.
  • They provide offline events for members.
  • They also have tests and quizzes to facilitate ideal matches.
  • The site presents different ways for users to communicate. These include chat rooms, personal or one-on-one messaging, and other means of getting to know one another through individual profiles on the website.


  • When it comes to membership fees, some dating websites offer lesser rates to register as members.
  • Members are limited to individuals looking for heterosexual partners.
  • A lot of users do not post profile photos or they delay showing their photos.
  • The site is limited to Christian singles only.

Christian Mingle Review

Christian Mingle provides a venue for single people who trust the will of God if they are fated to meet their life partners. It is essential for two individuals who want to spend their lifetime together to share a lot of qualities and beliefs in terms of faith, raising a family, family values, and worldview. Hence, this is the best place to meet new people and maybe develop kinship and deeper relationships. It is always a better idea to take things slowly and seek for guidance from the Lord when it comes to searching for lifetime partners.

Guaranteed safe online dating site

ChristianMingle assures that their site is absolutely clean and safe. In fact, they initiated to present some helpful tips to remind members how to protect themselves from prowling individuals with malicious intent. Members should bear in mind that they are the ones regulating what they encounter online. They can keep themselves unknown until such time they are prepared to present themselves openly to others.

Every member is in command in situations like bringing an online relationship to the next level. Each one has the autonomy to decide on their own whether they can manage a real relationship with the other person. An online relationship makes the whole setup beneficial because this is a great opportunity to get acquainted first before meeting face to face. They are not compelled to take things to a more serious level beyond chatting online until they are really confident they can trust the other person totally. So do not rush things.

Balance is the key

In this dating site, they encourage people to pray and ask the Lord for their earnest desires. They need to feel what God requires of them to do. There are times when all they can do is wait; however, most of the time, it is the person’s initiative that is also being called for. If a person prays for guidance with regard to what he needs to do, it may be something very simple like putting himself out there.

A number of possible situations and places are available for people to like in this website dating service such as acting as volunteer to church activities or going to events or socializations for single individuals. Doing different activities make this process remarkable while at the same time, people are gaining new friends and acquaintances. It is always possible that among these new people is the one they are looking for.

ChristianMingle dating online tips for females

Not unless you are very certain you can trust the other person, do not disclose any confidential information yet. If your name is registered in the public directory, all a stranger needs is your name and the state you are residing in to pursue you.

When a man forces you to give your phone details or meet up personally before you are convinced you are prepared to do so, that seems suspicious. A person who cares about his faith should be respectful enough to patiently wait until such time you are ready for these things.

It is advised to use a different e-mail address for people you just met. You can give your real e-mail add later on when trust has been established. You can use a username instead of your actual name for temporary e-mail adds. Never attempt to make the first move. Wait for him to initiate and ask for your number or to meet in person. Based on the experiences of a lot of people, with patience, he will respect you more as a person.

It is ethical to reply to people who message you, whether you are interested or not. Limit your replies to casual responses and if you are not interested, this can be expressed in a non-offensive but matter-of-fact manner.

Profiles in dating sites require photos so people can see what the person in the profile looks like. Avoid posting disreputable photos. Pictures of you showing more skin can give an unchristian impression and you will only draw in the kind of guys you do not need. Christian or not, it is a reality that some guys only want physical relationships. Glamorized shots and edited photos are not recommended since these images are superficial representations of yourself and not the real person. Post images that show your interests and the regular things you do.

Christian Mingle dating online tips for males

Never put a woman in a situation wherein she is forced to give personal details or meet personally. It is essential that as the man, you want to allow her to have time to be at ease before moving on to the next level.

Remember, these women are like your mother so they also need to be respected and honored. Anyway, patience is always a virtue. Respect the female body and the person. Avoid getting intimate for mere physical attraction and nothing else.

When a woman says upfront that she is not interested, never force the issue. It is also not necessary for you to defend yourself if your ego is affected. Evidently, she is not the right woman God has planned for you.

It is also ethical to reply to women’s messages whether you are interested or not. It is only important that you are honest to them in a considerate manner and not lead them on falsely.

The leading Christian dating site for single men and women looking for a God-centered relationship