Chemistry Review

The basic factor that will determine if you will succeed in this dating site is your willingness to spend time with it and try different things at once until you are able to find satisfaction in the people matches that the system is offering to you. As such, you must be willing to persist and keep trying in anticipation of the perfect person who will be matched for you.

The approaches of chemistry with respect to the user’s romantic matches are based on compatibility, uniqueness and most importantly, based on scientific and empirical foundations as exemplified by their founder Dr. Helen Fisher (she is an American human behavior researcher and anthropologist who had studied romantic preferences of people for a long time). According to their patented matchmaking system, every person has the capability to meet several persons that is matched to him or her through their similarity in their set of beliefs, philosophies and values in life as analyzed by the Free Personality Test and the Free Personality Profile.

While most dating sites today focuses on compatibility between two people among their roster of members, distinguishes itself by adding another element in the formula – chemistry. As such, not only is the compatibility of two persons are analyzed, the potential chemistry between two people are likewise considered at

There is easy and quick turnover in the matches. For example, once the site itself chooses some matches for a user, the user can opt to sort the matches specified by photos, activity, age or personality type so he or she will be able to prioritize first the characteristics that he or she wants in a match. A user can respond to a specific match by clicking three options:

  • I’m interested
  • Decide Later
  • Not really

The features of Chemistry dating site such as the Free Personality test and the Free Personality Profile, the Chemistry Starters, the Guided Communication Process and The Stream are unique features (which are not offered by any other site) that will make the user enjoy and take pleasure from the matches that the matchmaking system offers.

List of Features of Chemistry Dating Site

People all over the United States of America can easily take the test (which is for free) and become a member of Chemistry.

The Free Personality Test and the Free Personality Profile

  • This test is a very unique and brief multiple-choice examination where after the results of the test, the users can be informed by the site Chemistry itself of their personality type.
  • There is quick turnaround on matches and questions that are one of a kind that you will not be able to find on other dating sites around.
  • From this distinguished personality type, will look for people who may be the most suitable or ideal romantic partner from the roster of the members or users of the site for the person who took the Personality test.
  • The system of will produce the user’s personality type over four (4) different areas to help the matching system obtain its objectives. The major personality types are the explorers, directors, negotiators and builders.
  • Apart from the four (4) personality types, also produces a detailed breakdown of the user’s type of personality, how he or she relates to other people and what type of person he or she will have compatibility and chemistry with.

The Chemistry starters

  • These are fun based activities that are specifically designed to break the ice and help the user obtain a good number of matches. The chemistry starters are the fortune cookie, the 5 card sort, the love it or leave it and the relationship essentials.

Guided Communication Process

  • Here, the site is actually encouraging the users to meet up the person that is matched to him or her by the outcome of the personality test.

About me section – this section refer to the user’s personal information and preferences about looks and lifestyle. This includes the following:

  • Height
  • Body type
  • Eye color
  • Religion
  • Profession
  • Education

About my match section – this section asks the user to portray and depict the person or persons that he or she is interested in being matched on briefly.

In my own words section – this section asks the user to describe him or herself in a way that he or she expects that there will be more people that he or she is interested about that will be matched to him or her. The character limitation on this section is 200 words minimum and 2000 words maximum.

Negative Aspects of Chemistry

  • Users who like to search for a person’s profile through the system database would not be able to do so since the only people that the user can look into are the person that they are matched with. Also, the user cannot contact the person that is matched to him or her unless one of them registered and paid for the service of the site in the form of a monthly membership.
  • The guided communication process is available only to fully paid members. As such, people who registered and took the personality test (which is free of charge) cannot or will not be allowed by the system to interact and communicate with the person or persons they are matched through the Personality test.

Positive Aspects of Chemistry

  • A user who took the Personality test and registered for a full membership by paying the monthly dues have the capability to make known to that he or she does not like the person or persons they are matching or selecting with him or her. The site will adjust accordingly to the wishes and preference of the paid member.
  • The system of the site will allow a user to have five (5) people who match his or her personality type based on the personality test and its results.