Black People Meet Review

What is BlackPeopleMeet?

BlackPeopleMeet functions in almost the same way as other online dating websites wherein singles can subscribe if they wish to find the following:

  • A date
  • A friend
  • An activity partner
  • A pen-pal

However, one thing that differentiates Black People Meet from other popular online dating sites is the fact that it focuses completely on black people, no whites or any other race or color. As a matter of fact, the site’s membership roster has approximately 2million subscribers, which covers at least 4% of African-American population in both the United States and Canada. This makes it the largest site that offers dating services to black people. It is also visited by millions of internet users, blacks and non-blacks alike, monthly. This visibility means that the site has a stable online presence.

Established in 2002, BlackPeopleMeet has made it easier for the single members of the black populace to meet people who share their interests. All they need to do is answer all the questions that are presented during the sign-up process, such as:

  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Height
  • Marital status
  • The number of kids, if there are any
  • And a whole lot more

All this information is usually indicated on the subscriber’s profile so it can be viewed by other subscribers. The registration process also asks the subscriber to specify what his purpose is in using the website. All these questions are necessary in order for the newly signed-up subscriber to meet people who would perfectly match his preferences. Aside from the option to create a profile for free, a few other features of the site include:

  • Browsing other member’s profiles for free
  • Free instant messaging as well as sending and receiving emails
  • Have a list of favorites
  • View the latest profile visitors

Apparently, BlackPeopleMeet has so much in common with social media sites, especially its features.

The Drawbacks of Using BlackPeopleMeet for Meeting People

Just like in any online dating site, a few members have encountered a few drawbacks in using BlackPeopleMeet as their primary dating service. Some of these cons include:

  • The fact that it only caters to the need of single black men and women makes it an exclusive. This means that black people who might also be interested in meeting non-blacks have no chance of finding them through this site.
  • There are some instances when the person that someone is interested in does not reciprocate to overtures of friendship.
  • Online dating, not just with Black People Meet, can be quite risky. Singe people who agree to meet their online dates have to take twice as much precaution as those who use the traditional ways of dating.
  • The profile can take time to create, and some members even complain that the profile picture makes the process even more complicated. After all, single people who are looking for prospective dates have to make a great first impression, and uploading a gorgeous photo is the first step.

It can’t be all that bad, considering the fact that there are hundreds of couples who met through BlackPeopleMeet and are still going stronger in their relationships.

The Pros of Meeting Fellow Singles via BlackPeopleMeet

The huge membership that BlackPeopleMeet has attests to its effectiveness as an online dating website. In fact, many of its members have cited gaining the following advantages as soon as they signed up with the site:

  • The site gives them the ability to choose between 2 different membership options at low costs. The first option is a one-month membership at a daily cost of $0.47 that sums up to $13.99 a month. The second option is a 6-month membership that is worth $0.32 daily or $56.94 monthly.
  • The site gives its single members the ability to search for prospective dates within their locality. This means that members do not have to travel a few miles for an eyeball, they can just meet up with their dates for a quick lunch at the local deli.
  • Unlike other online dating sites that provide match-ups for their members electronically, BlackPeopleMeet gives its members a free rein in choosing their own matches. This is the reason behind the free profile and the notification on who has viewed a member’s profile.
  • The site’s email storage provides unlimited space for their paying members. This means that members can send each other private messages to their heart’s content.
  • Dating in its traditional sense is supposedly a fun experience. Online dating, however, makes it even more fun for daters. There is a certain degree of verbal freedom in online dating that cannot be engaged on by traditional daters for fear of making a faux pas.

All these advantages have combined to make BlackPeopleMeet a leader in its category of online dating for single African-American people.

5 Reasons for Choosing BlackPeopleMeet

Aside from the low cost of being a member, as well as all the freebies that members get from BlackPeopleMeet, there are also a few more reasons why single black men and women have to choose this online dating website:

  1. BlackPeopleMeet is not only geared towards getting people of the opposite sex to meet. It also has a community of lesbian, gay, and bisexual singles who are interested in meeting new friends and in meeting their partners in life.
  2. The site has received a lot of 5-star reviews from its members. This is a testament to its effectiveness in bringing people closer.
  3. This dating site not only allows its members to send private messages, it also has pre-made messages that can act as ‘flirts’ that can be sent to the people that a member is interested on.
  4. The site offers black people a way to communicate with others of their kind all over the world.
  5. BlackPeopleMeet is for back people, but it also has a great following among whites who are looking for their black counterparts.

Not everyone gets to meet the man or woman of their dreams in the traditional way. Some have to make use of the options that are available for them. Finding true love isn’t dependent on how it is done, what matters is how the love is cultivated even the site membership has already expired.