BBPeopleMeet Review

The Definition and Purpose

Whether the industry experts will admit it or not, online dating websites that address the needs of plus-sized single individuals are almost non-existent. One of the very few websites that have successfully integrated the needs of individuals with above-average weight into the mainstream dating culture is BBPeopleMeet. The “bb” on the site’s domain name stands for Big and Beautiful—two adjectives that most people often do not associate with one another.

One advantage of BBPeopleMeet is that it allows plus-sized single individuals to create a profile on the site without having to pay anything. This way, people get to try what the site has to offer to see if it would work for them. Another thing is that the staff of BBPeopleMeet are very committed towards their goal of easing the loneliness that plus-sized people often have to deal with. This commitment is apparent in the way that the BBPeopleMeet team has provided potential subscribers with some important tips to remember when creating their own profiles. Aspiring members of BBPeopleMeet are advised:

  • To be thoroughly honest in creating the personal profile part
  • To use quality photos and to make sure that the attire worn in the photos is decent and appropriate
  • To create a fun greeting that is short yet interesting

Internet-savvy plus-sized individuals also have the option to add a few other aspects to their profiles such as videos and icons as well as profile backgrounds.


Aside from the fact that it is committed to spicing up the social lives of plus-sized people, particularly singles, BBPeopleMeet also has the following features:

  • A visitor to the site is given the option to send a message to any member that might have caught his fancy. However, this entails the creation of a free profile wherein relevant information has to be filled out first.
  • Members are provided with a resource for chatting with fellow members through video chatting, as well as audio chatting and the standard way of chatting through Instant Messaging.
  • The chance to get to know hundreds of big beautiful ladies or big handsome gentlemen every day since the site often receives up to 10,000 visitors daily
  • Email capability for all members
  • Members are also given access to send flirts to fellow members who interest them.
  • BBPeopleMeet members may also search for profiles of other members who are also online. This last feature eliminates the possibility of getting matched with a member who has not been actively participating in the BBPeopleMeet community for some time now.

The Advantages

Visitors whose profiles have been created under the category of the free trial period can choose to upgrade their profiles by availing of any one of the site’s membership options. These options include:

  • 61% off of the monthly price when signing up for a 6-month membership. This costs $41.95 for a total of 6 months, or just $6.99 a month.
  • Signing up for just one month at the full price of $14.99.

However, even if the member decides to continue his free trial and not sign up for paid membership, he still gets to enjoy the features that have always been available for him.

A few other advantages that BBPeopleMeet site provides for its members in terms of their online dating experience include the following:

  • An option for viewing the flirts that they received
  • An option to view which fellow members have listed them as “faves”
  • An option for double-checking their astrological compatibility with their chosen dates

Most of these are not available in other online dating websites, which is probably why BBPeopleMeet is preferred by millions of members in different locations around the globe. It is also the best way of contacting plus-sized single individuals to invite out on traditional dates or as partners in selected physical activities.


No matter how hard the pessimists look, they will have a difficult time finding disgruntled members of BBPeopleMeet website. This is because the site has served its purpose well throughout the years. There are also very few disadvantages that members have found to complain about, such as:

  • The existence of an automatic matchmaker is good. However, a lot of members wish for additional settings to be incorporated in it so that they can specify in greater detail the kind of singles whom they want to meet.
  • BBPeopleMeet belongs to the lower minority in being a website that asks members to indicate their smoking habits. There are actually 3 options for this: Non-smoker, Social smoker, and Daily smoker. However, a few members have often requested for something to be added to profiles that would indicate the member’s drinking habits.

Thus far, these are the only grievances that the members have against BBPeopleMeet since the site has almost everything that they need in their quest for true love online.

The Real Reason for Choosing BBPeopleMeet

With all the features that are quite unique to the site, as well as the advantages that paying members stand to gain, it is hard to believe why people still question the validity of joining BBPeopleMeet dating site. Something that has to be kept in mind is that the plus-sized individuals are often marginalized when it comes to dating. Most of them live on the fringes of wonderful love affairs and they often have to make do with the positive feelings evoked by romantic movies.

BBPeopleMeet offers plus-sized people a chance of finding people who not only share their interests but also deeply understand the stigma that overweight people often have to live with. That, however, is not the only reason for choosing BBPeopleMeet because plus-sized daters do not have to date fellow plus-sized individuals if they do not want to. BBPeopleMeet also has a few members with average body types who are looking for plus-sized partners whom they can cherish for life.

Giving Plus-sized People Hope in Finding True Love