16 Tips for Dating a Younger Man

You never thought it would happen, but you’re dating a younger man, and you’re having the time of your life. However, when you are dating someone younger than you, you need to approach the relationship in the right way. You don’t want to do anything that would needlessly jeopardize your time with him. Here are 16 tips for dating a younger man.

1. Don’t Act Like a Parent

Even if you don’t realize it, when communicating with a younger adult, you may say things that come off like a parent rather than as an equal. So when you’re dating a younger man, enter into the relationship as an equal, not as an authority figure. Don’t fall into the trap of telling the younger man what to do because you think you know better. Respect him as an individual and don’t treat him like a child.

2. Respect What He Likes

Depending on the age of your younger man, there could be a significant generational difference. Do you understand his generation? Are you familiar with the music of his generation? Are you familiar with particular expressions of his age? Or, are you so stuck in your generation that you can’t open your eyes to anything else? A strong tip for dating a younger man is to understand where he’s coming from and, furthermore, to respect it. For example, let’s say he is big on rap music. However, you've never listened to or liked rap. Instead of turning your nose up, respect his musical choices. That doesn't mean your musical preferences aren't valid but don't criticize him for his.

3. Exercise and Eat Right

In general, younger adults naturally have more energy than older adults because of their ages. However, in many cases, older people who eat right and exercise have as much energy as younger people. Ensure that you take care of your body to stay healthy and happy for your younger man.

4. Learn to be Adventurous

As we said above, your younger man will likely have lots of energy. Do you? If he wants to go rock climbing, are you completely opposed to it because you feel you’d never keep up? If he wants to go to the hottest club in town, are you completely opposed to it because you think you’re too old? Get over it. A younger man doesn’t want to be involved with a person who has no energy and who is not adventurous.

5. Be Prepared for Lots of Sex

Generally, a younger man has a high sex drive. Can you keep up with that? You can if you take care of yourself and nurture your energy levels. When you’re dating a younger man, chances are your sexual life will take on a whole new level. Good for you! Keep yourself healthy so that you have enough energy to keep up.

6. Don’t Dress Dowdy

Chances are your younger man is going to have some fashion sense. Do you? Pay attention to the way you dress when dating a younger man. Look at your wardrobe. Does it need updating? Do your clothes make you look older than you are? Give yourself a fashion makeover if your clothing needs it.

7. Don’t Dress Too Young

Yes, you shouldn’t dress dowdy, but you don’t want to wear clothes that are too young for you, either. Dressing younger than you are makes you look like you're trying too hard, and is not attractive. So skip clothes that are clearly not for your age group.

8. Yes, He Can Pay

Just because you’re older and make more money than he does, doesn’t mean that he can’t pay when you’re out on a date. This goes back to your not treating him like a child. In this relationship, you are not his parent, and he is your equal. You can pay, but he can pay too.

9. Be Patient

Even though you want to treat a younger man as an equal, that doesn’t mean that he won’t have some insecurities with being with someone older. He may be inexperienced in certain areas of life. Instead of treating him like a parent or getting frustrated, continue to treat him as an equal and be patient. As he spends more time with you, his insecurities will begin to fade.

10. Don’t Get Caught Up in Negativity

Chances are there will be people who have negative things to say about your relationship with the younger man, particularly if the younger man is a lot younger than you. You have to decide if you’re going to listen to that and take it to heart. Doing so could ruin your relationship and even end it. You have to respect your decision and know that there are reasons you are dating the person you are dating, and it’s nobody else’s business.

11. Ditch Negative Self-Talk

Younger men have youth on their side. Which means they may have toned bodies; they may smile easily, and they may have lots of energy. Consequently, you may feel that as you age, that sort of youthfulness is fading for you. You may worry about what will happen if the relationship continues as you continue to get older. But you’re dating a younger man now. So you need to ditch the negative self-talk. There’s nothing attractive about a person who has no self-confidence. Treat yourself well and enter the relationship with confidence.

12. Be Flexible

Over the years, you’ve learned to run your life based on time restrictions and schedules. It’s what keeps you organized. However, your younger man may not be that way. So learn to embrace spontaneity. If he calls you up and says he wants to take you to a concert one hour before the concert starts, embrace it. Have fun. Can’t whatever you had planned for the evening wait?

13. Don’t Focus on Your Past

You’re older than him. So you have more of a past than he has. It’s one thing to talk about your history on occasion, but don’t belabor him with it with stuff like, “I’ve never met a guy as nice as you. All the guys my age I’ve dated have all been jerks.” Tell him once, if you wish, but don't consistently bring it up. It puts too much pressure on him.

14. Don’t Move Too Fast

You’re head over heels in love with the younger man that you're dating, so much so that you could see him moving into your condo. Don’t move too fast. A younger man is likely not ready for that kind of commitment and for now, just wants to date and have fun. Don’t give him a reason to leave the relationship.

15. Don’t get Jealous

Your younger man will likely have younger friends. Don’t get possessive or jealous because you’re older than his younger friends. This all relates back to having the confidence to date a younger man in the first place.

16. Don’t Avoid Your Kids

If your younger man knows you have kids, don’t hide them away. Of course, they don’t need to accompany you everywhere you go but include them in some of your outings together. For example, you and your younger man can take an excursion to the zoo with the kids. Your kids are part of your life, and they can become a part of your younger man’s life too.

In today’s society, more and more older people are dating younger people. So it’s certainly not out of the ordinary. However, there are still ways to approach the relationship to better have a successful relationship. These 16 tips for dating a younger man can help.

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