Zoosk Review

  • Free to register
  • Over 50 million registered users
  • Use the site in 25 different languages
  • Has members in more than 80 countries
  • Membership is required to contact anyone

What is Zoosk?

Unlike other websites that offer online dating services, zoosk.com has a very unusual start. It initially began as an application on the famous social networking site Facebook until it migrated into its own platform as a website that is separate from Facebook. Its beginning as an app is cited as the primary reason for the site’s popularity. Zoosk.com now boasts a membership count of approximately 50 million internet users that are located in nearly 80 countries.

Another platform that aids the site’s visibility is its availability for download as a smartphone application. And dig this: the zoosk.com smartphone application is not only available in the English language; it has also been translated into 25 other languages for easy usage by non-English speakers. Its popularity can be attested to by the site’s ranking as the most downloaded dating app for Apple iOS devices as well as on selected brands of smartphones that run on the Android operating system.

Because zoosk.com had its beginnings in Facebook, there exists a widespread assumption among online daters that the site caters solely to the younger generations of online daters. However, this is not necessarily the case. Despite its huge popularity among twenty-somethings, zoosk.com is in no way a dating site exclusively for youngsters. As a matter of fact, its 41 million members even include people in their 40s and 50s. This makes zoosk.com the 2'nd largest online dating website today.

Features of Zoosk.com that Its Members Love Most

Zoosk.com wouldn’t have this many Zooskers (a term coined to refer to the site’s subscribers) if it did not have features that are not only up-to-date but also provide a lot of convenience in the online dating experience. Some of the features that make the site popular are:

  • The member’s ability to choose the details that he wants to indicate on his zoosk.com profile. A member can include as much details as he wants to or he may just indicate basic information that pertains to gender, age, preferences, and location.
  • The huge amount of single members that one can choose from when looking for a partner in physical activity or a partner in life. The 41 million is just a rough estimate of the number of Zooskers worldwide. Experts believe that the number is continuously growing daily.
  • An option on the members’ profile where he can post questions for other members to answer. This is a great way in gauging the people that he could possibly share interests with, as well as those who do not share his views. This process makes online dating via zoosk.com a worthy experience.
  • The search functionality where members can manually search for possible matches. They can simply fill out the categories that are required for searching such as the age and current location.

Countless Zooskers can actually attest to the usefulness of these features in their online search for their potential partners for life.


The features mentioned above are mostly available for paid zoosk.com subscribers except for the creation of the less detailed profile. One advantage that Zooskers get when they pay the $29.95 monthly fee is that they get to customize their profiles as well as take advantage of the manual search option as often as they want to. Aside from a one-month membership, singles who are looking for reliable dating sites on the internet can also choose from any one of the following membership options:

  • 3-month membership for a one-time fee of $59.85. This means that the member would only be paying $19.95 monthly, or ten dollars off of the regular fee that single month members pay for. This option is best for those who prefer to get to know their online dates for a longer period of time while keeping their zoosk lines open for other possible candidates.
  • 6-month membership at $74.95 for the entire 3 months. This means that the member is essentially paying $12.49 monthly.
  • 12-month membership at only $119.88. This can be broken down into $9.99 monthly, which is way lower than the monthly fees for short-term memberships.

Regardless of the membership type, singles wishing to find dates online can become Zooskers by payment through any of the following modes:

  • Credit cards
  • Checks
  • Money transfer
  • PayPal

These payment options make it more convenient for daters to meet possible matches from anywhere in the world. In fact, there are numerous active users from 25 different countries, not to mention those from the other 45 countries who log in to zoosk.com every now and then.


The primary disadvantage that a lot of Zooskers have pointed out is the fact that the site attracts single people below the age of 35 more than it does those from the higher age groups. This means that those who are looking for dates from 36 years old onwards may have a harder time in searching than others do.

Another disadvantage is the lack of an automatic matchmaker that presents a possible list of dates to Zooskers. Manually searching for a date might consume a lot of time, and this is something that single people who live busy lives might not appreciate.

Why Find a Date on Zoosk.com?

The disadvantages presented in the previous section are very minor compared to all the things that a single man or woman stands to gain by become a member of zoosk.com. The reasons that people can take into consideration for becoming Zooskers are:

  • The site’s mobile functionality. Zooskers can check their profiles wherever they are and whenever they want to by simply going to the zoosk.com app on their Facebook profiles or checking the site itself on their Android or iOS devices.
  • The easy cancellation process. Zooskers who have found true love and want to discontinue using their zoosk.com accounts can simply access the cancellation page on their profiles. This eliminates the need to call customer service and endure the long waiting time on the queue just to discontinue availing of their service.

For those who are still indecisive about paying to become a Zoosker, they may simply ask the opinion of any of the millions of Zooskers worldwide. They would surely get a lot of positive responses, especially from couples who now enjoy happy romantic relationships thanks to zoosk.com.