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A Short Review on True Dating Site

The face of the dating world has been changed forever due to the influence of dating sites such as This site is a dating service that was started in 2003 by Herb Vest, an established entrepreneur. The site was originally titled TrueBeginnings, but it was changed in order to improve its marketing. In 2004, its domain was also changed and a new set of rules for its members was put in place.

True has a very strict policy regarding the background of users in order to remove the chances of having married guys and felons. According to the site, it has over 30 million members and gets over 3.8 million visits per month.


True offers several features for those who want to improve their love life. The site claims to offer romance in just a click. It has compatibility search engines that check users’ compatibility ratings. True also has a number of dating tools available including personal ads, photo uploads, dating profile and compatibility testing. The compatibility testing includes communication checking commitment, romance, interests and overall personality. Basically, the site is has a very scientific approach in dating.

Of course, in order to utilize the site, users will need to register first. Registration is based on a two step process. Users only need to add the age bracket that they want for their potential mates then select their sexual preference and age. Upon registration, users will be able to create accounts which are mixed with profile data and private photos.

Like other dating sites, users can send emails to other singles. Users can send messages to users from Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle, or anywhere else. Along with sending messages, users can also send a wink, or a virtual handshake, to other users. This eases the process for those who are approaching members for the first time.


But what makes this site better from other dating groups is that it has a filter policy. Users who are considered to have problems with the law or those who are simply married are not allowed to be members. Since it is a dating site, users are required to be absolutely single in order to mingle. By filtering its members, it also prevents user profiles to be exposed to sex offenders or to those who might cause harm to members. This ensures members’ security and confidentiality of their identity.

Along with its filtering tool, another benefit of is that it offers a completely new way of dating since it uses a scientific method in filtering its members. The dating tool is based on a compatibility tester based on a series of questions provided to each member. The questionnaire tends to match soul mates according to several categories including personality, communication, commitment, romance and sex.

The site offers a real time search so that members can instantly get a date. Users will also be informed on who is online, who is new, who is a potential mate, who has new pictures, and who is ready to date.

There are no qualifications for members. Users can just become listed regardless of religion, sex or race. Some of the categories for the search include African American singles, Christian singles, Asian, Jewish, Hispanic, seniors, Teens and Lesbian singles. In fact, the site strictly points out that they are the only one which offers a scientific questionnaire that can adequately match gay or lesbian couples.


Unfortunately, the site also has some problems when it comes to membership. Only paid users will be able to receive the additional options, including the compatibility questionnaire provided by the experts from Psychology Today. Along with access to the questionnaire, only paid members will be able to utilize messaging, video sending, chat rooms, private access, viewing, profile search and email.

Another downside with True is that it does not show several options that will help users see who has visited a member’s site or if someone who is contacting the user is a valid member. This means that there is virtually no way of knowing if the user is a valid member or just a visitor. This can be a problem in the long run, especially for those cautious members who would want to first screen their friends before dating them.

There are no free memberships and trials when it comes to Users will need a credit card in order to register. The registration for credit card users will only be for 3 days and will start automatically if the user will not cancel his membership during this time frame. Users who will be choosing the trial option will need to pay $3 a month in order to chat with other members and an additional $1 a month in order to access the coaching center. Eventually, those who would want to use the full membership will need to pay $49.99.

Comments from members

One of the major comments given by other members is that the site requires a lot of payments. Users need to pay a lot of fees just to become a member of this prestigious site. They also mentioned that did in fact have a very effective dating scheme and has the right tools for dating. They emphasized that despite the payments, the tools are pretty effective.

Several bloggers were also upset with how True had problems with cancellation. The site has problems when it comes to cancellation requests.

Because of the automatic wink option, some users were also obligated to remove the winking option for their profiles. The wink option can be turned off at any time and users have the option to just email instead.


True dating website is known for its scientific method of dating and marital screenings. Users cannot just become members if they have criminal backgrounds. Due to this, the site is indeed safe for those who only want to look for love without facing unnecessary risks. So, is recommended for those who want to experience the safe side of dating and for those who have the extra cash to use a scientific method in order to look for love.