Oasis Review

Whether you are searching for a long term relationship, someone to date, or just a friend you can talk to, Oasis dating gives you all the opportunity you need to connect to those people. Oasis dating site offers its members an open, no-strings-attached atmosphere to meet new people and make friends. Active members on Oasis are fun and interesting people, so you never know what a friendship or one date may become.

If you are 18 years of age or older, you will not have a problem finding people to communicate with in your age group. Even if prefer to communicate with someone in a different age group than you, the only thing you have to do is sign up and get started. Signing up with Oasis Dating takes nearly no time at all and it will not cost you a penny!

Personalized Profile

With Oasis Dating, you can make your profile your own by using over 30 photos to express yourself and your interests. The new people you meet will want to see who you are as a person as well as what you are passionate about. If one of your photos is not as descriptive or self-explanatory as you would like, then you will have the chance to provide a description. Oasis Dating understands that you may not want to share everything with everybody, so you will be able to place privacy settings on your photos to limit who can see what.

Safe Searching for Companions

Oasis Dating checks each profile carefully to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all members. The website also has anti-fraud software protection to prevent members from online ruses. As mentioned earlier, you will be able to set privacy settings on all your personal information including your photos and other profile information. In other words, you get to decide what people can and cannot see. In addition, you are not forced to communicate with anyone that you are uncomfortable with. If you ever feel like your privacy has been compromised, or if you want to report misconduct, Oasis Dating customer support is available to help you.

Oasis Dating Customer Support

Oasis Dating wants you to have as enjoyable of an experience as possible. Therefore, although this dating websites’ services are free of charge, Oasis Dating is committed to resolving any issues you may have with the website or other members. For these reasons, you can rely on your privacy being respected and your satisfaction being earned.

Unlimited Communications

If you have ever wanted to connect with people outside of your city, outside of your state, or outside of your country, then Oasis Dating will give you the opportunity to expand your horizons. Determining who you meet is as simple as adjusting your search criteria to a specific city, state, country, or continent. Your options are nearly limitless!

Quality Companion Matches

Once you set your search criteria, you can trust Oasis Dating to deliver the best matches to you in a short period of time. Shortly after you sign up, you can view your matches practically in an instant. All it takes is a few clicks.

As you make friends and companions on Oasis Dating you will have plenty of opportunity to stay in touch with them via instant messaging. The Oasis Instant Messenger allows you to see when friends are online and available to chat. While chatting, you can also see when your friend is typing a message to you. Last but not least, the site is available to you in seven languages and its community grows by 300,000 people every month.